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    Peer Supervision – Need help with report for court? Going to Court? Don’t know about a particular PAI profile? Got a curly ethical situation? Need supervision because AHPRA Psychboard requires it?

    Dr Phil is happy to do both Skype and in person for one-off or ongoing supervision.


    In house training – Dr Phil is happy to run training on many different topics from legal issues, to family law, assessment, pornography and so on. Please contact office to discuss your requirements.





    Dr Watts frequently conducts training to agencies and organisation on private basis. The following one-day workshops are immediately available

    (other workshops by negotiation).


    • A Reliable Witness – A workshop on understanding the court system, and the nuts and bolts of dealing with court. Useful to help make workers aware of the legal process and how to both be ready for court and avoid going to court.

    • Report writing for Court – One of Dr Phil’s most popular workshops.  Teaches practical skill of writing treatment and assessment reports.

    • Surviving the Witness Box – How to survive cross examination.  Practical skills for being in court.

    • Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice – Learn how to screen for risk of violence, suicide, and sexual risk in clinical practice

    • Assessing Complex Families for Court – How to conduct child custody evaluations and care and protection assessments for court.  Follow a case from start to finish.

    • Psychological testing – Various formats including a hands-on masterclass or day long workshop for PAI, MMPI-2-RF, or Millon.

    • Understanding Internet Pornography Addiction – skills in dealing with internet pornography addiction, particularly in clinical practice.

    • Assessing Lies, Deceit and Malingering in Clinical Practice – A workshop on how to assess for lies, deceit and malingering.

    • How to use the PAI (introductory and advance)
    • Ethics
    • Family law
    • Pornography related issues
    • Gambling issues
    • Psychological testing including PAI


    Dr Phil is also a popular speaker for professional meetings. In the resume section of this website, some of the topics are listed.  

    Please contact my office for further information