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    Dr Phil Watts

    A Western Australian Clinical and Forensic psychologist offering a range of professional services to the general public and legal profession. This includes counseling and therapy, assessment, legal reports, expert witness testimony, and training. He is also the author of three books


    Full Résumé of Dr Phil Watts


    Dr Phil has some availability to conduct assessments for courts (pre-sentence, criminal injuries, competency, family court) so please contact the office about your requirements.  Therapy intake is restricted at the moment.



** Townsville training date change**


Due to the Townsville show Monday 4th July holiday the psychological assessment workshop will now be held on Wednesday 6th July

New Book Release – A psychological survival guide for breast cancer (2015)


Dr Phil is now offering neurotherapy

Providing qEEG and Neurofeedback. 

An exciting brain changing technique – as part of his clinical services

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IP:DIY now available as an ebook via Amazon


Dr Phil Watts was been appointed as an adjunct associate professor of psychology at University of Canberra.


Old clients should be aware that the office relocated to Como from Mt Pleasant

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    A psychological survival guide for breast cancer


    “Some of the experiences and practical advices Dr Phil shares will no doubt be helpful to many patients and their families going through this difficult time. This is also a useful read for the caregivers to better understand what the patients are going through in order to provide meaningful support and care.  The book is very easy to read and the messages come across in simple language without jargon”.  


    Daphne Tsoi (MBBS MSc FRACP) Medical Oncologist


    IP: DIY Internet Pornography:

    Do-it-yourself Treatment Guide for Men


    Dr Phil Watts’ latest book is a self-treatmentguide for men who have internet pornography problems.  This book is designed for those men with pornography addiction whether it is adult or child pornography.  It is written to cover issues for both thosewho are religious and non-religious.  Therapists will find this a handy tool

    for usein their therapy processes


    Surviving the Witness Box:

    Expert opinion in court


    Written for professionals who have to give opinion evidence in court.  While there is a lean towards the profession of psychology, the book contains examples across a range of professions including accounting and engineering




    Shared Care or Divided Lives:

    What’s best for children when parents separate


    A useful guide for parents, lawyers, and counselors






    Arielle Watts latest novel

    Garden-land Chronicles: The Frog Apprentice


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             Training for 2016:


    > How to conduct practical psychological assessments


    > Assessing and managing risk of violence in clinical practice


    > PAI – introductory and advanced interpretations


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