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Rιsumι of Dr. Phil Watts


I have worked as a psychologist for nearly 30 years. For the last 24 years I have been self-employed in private practice. I am nationally registered with AHPRA and I am endorsed in clinical and forensic psychology. The University training I have completed includes Doctor of Philosophy, Master degree in Clinical Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology, and a Bachelor of Applied Science- Psychology. I have completed further training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), and neurofeedback amongst other techniques (QEEG Board certification and BCIA-A certification).


I am an adjunct associate professor of clinical psychology at University of Canberra (2011 - ongoing) and supervise masters students at Murdoch University (2015 - ongoing ). I have lectured at Curtin, Murdoch and UWA psychology, and UWA Law School courses on an occasional basis in advanced postgraduate courses.


I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a past chairman of the WA Branch of their Forensic College. I am a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC); I am a foreign affiliate of the American Psychological Association. I am a member of Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia (ANSA) and the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR). I am certified by Biofeedback Certification International Alliance – Australia (BCIA-A). BCIA is recognized as the certification body for the clinical practice of biofeedback. I have diplomat status with the QEEG Board of America.


My professional work entails a combination of training, forensic work and general clinical practice. The clinical work involves using therapy and counselling techniques to assist people overcome problems. I have a broad area of interest including depression, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, relationship issues, sexual pathology, self-esteem, and grief.  Clinical work includes treatment of both victims of crime and offenders.  I have worked with pornography addiction, sex offenders, and related conditions.  My interest is in brief strategic interventions rather than long-term therapy.  In recent years the therapy side of my practice has been reduced due to training and teaching commitments.


Through experience and training, I have obtained specialist knowledge in the area of assessment. I have completed a 2 year training course in psychodynamic assessment (projective testing) through the Health Department of WA. In my work with offenders I have interviewed in excess of 1000 juvenile offenders, completed over 520 comprehensive psychological assessments of juveniles (some included an assessment of their families), and over 750 comprehensive assessments of adults, for the various courts of Western Australia. I have particular interest in violent crime including murder, sex offenders, and other forms of violence. I have run training nationally for psychologists in the area of assessment, including running master class workshops for professionals. The assessments have included Indigenous people from metropolitan, rural, and remote areas.


I have been Court appointed Expert in over 1000 Family Court Custody assessments and a growing number of Care and Protection Applications in the Children's Court of WA. I conducted assessments of various factors (cognitive impairment, differential diagnosis etc.) of children, adolescents and adults for private psychiatrists, psychologists and other agencies. My interest in family issues has also involved running workshop in areas related to best interest of children in divorce and separation.


I am actively involved in professional training and community education. As an active trainer, I run training course and workshops on a wide range of professional topics. I have been involved in training presentations locally, nationally, and internationally.  I have trained approximately 4000 psychologists in day-long workshops around Australia.  I have presented master classes as the last four Clinical Conferences of the APS


The following is a sample of some of the more significant training events:-

•   Master class in PAI, MMPI-2-RF, and Millon at APS Clinical College Conferences

•   Contextual factors in sexual abuse investigations (for the Family Court of Western Australia - Judges, Registrars, and court counsellors)

•   The context of evidence in sexual abuse investigations ( DCP to Senior Social Workers)

•   Fitness to plead and other psychological problems (ANZAPPL state conference)

•   Workshop on Suicidal behaviour of adolescents in custody. National Conference of Suicide Prevention Australia

•   Building Self-esteem in Families. Series of Community Workshops (about 1000 people in 8 sessions)

•   Communication in Marriage workshops. Series of Community Workshops(Approximately 1000 people over 8 sessions)

•   The therapeutic use of forgiveness in Trauma Resolution. Plenary session at the AMCAP annual conference, USA

•   Anxiety management in scuba diving instruction. Dolphin Dive Centre training scuba diving instructors

•   Brainwashing, Alienation, and emotional alignment in child custody disputes (National Forensic Conference)

•   Impact of Domestic Violence on Children (various government and non-government training around WA)

•   A Reliable Witness and In the Witness Box (National training)

•   Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice (National training)

•   Report writing for Court (national training programme)

•   Accountability: Documents and court reports for School psychologist. DET Psychologists

•   Shared Care or Divided Lives (3rd International Congress Psychology and Law - Adelaide)

•   Assessing Complex Families for Court (national training)

•   Understanding Internet Pornography Addiction (national training)

•   Assessing Lies, Deceit and Malingering in Clinical Practice (national training)

•   Assessing and treating Internet Pornography (national training)

•   Practical psychological training (national training)

•   Making sense of the Chaos: Parenting after divorce.  Keynote address at Australian Parenting conference

•   Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) introductory and advanced workshops (series of national training workshops)

•   How to assess trauma and psychological damage (national training)

•   Dealing with separating families (national training)

•   Alienation and rejecting parents (World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights)

•   2 day Comprehensive legal skills training (Queensland Health)

•   Working with Separating Parents and Children  (national training)

•   How to Assess Trauma and Psychological Damage (national training)

•   Bullet-proofing psychology: Ethical and Legal Issues (National training)

•   Risk from pornography in family court assessments – AFCC New Orleans (2015), World Conference on children’s rights and family Law (Dublin 2017)

•   Flashpoint, self-care, and managing your own risk -AFCC Australia (2016) and AFCC Boston (2017)

•   Psycho-babble to English: Understanding mental health concepts – AFCC (2016)

•   The Magic tool box: Understanding the strengths and limits of psychological testing – AFCC Australia (2016)

•   Sleep, Dreams and Nightmares: What’s normal and when should we be concerned about nocturnal allegations? – AFCC Australia (2017)


I have published the following books:-

•   Breast Cancer: A psychological Survival Guide (2015)

•   Fit to Practice: Everything you wanted to know about starting your own psychological practice but were to afraid to ask (2016).

    Co authored with Kaye Frankcom and Bruce Stevens

•   IP: DIY Internet Pornography: Do-it-yourself Treatment Guide for Men (2014)

•   Several sections in The Home Therapist by John Barletta and Jan Bond (2012)

•   Surviving the Witness Box: Expert opinion in court (2009)

•   Shared Care or Divided Lives: What’s best for children when parents separate (2008)

•   A Reliable Witness: How to give credible mental health evidence in court (2004)

•   Chapter in “The elements of applied psychological practice in Australia: Preparing for the National Psychology Exam” (2016)


Currently in preparation for publication:-

•   Kids on a leash – Raising responsible children (working title)

•   Casino Life: Culture and psychology of casino gambling (working title)