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    Psychological Counselling




    Due to interstate training commitments, court appearances, and assessments, I am limited in personally taking on clients for therapy but I supervise other psychologist who are competent in clinical intervention. This practice not in a position to address acute crises or suicidal clients.


    Types of Problems Addressed


    I generally work with people who have difficulty coping with various problems including trauma, stress, anxiety, panic, depression, grief, sexual problems, past or current traumas (assault, abuse), habit problems (weight, smoking, addiction etc), and relationship issues. If you are not sure that therapy can help you, please contact me for an opinion as to whether I can assist the problem


    What Happens During Therapy


    Therapy involves three main aspects:

    • Initially we meet to discuss the nature of your problem and examine the factors which may be causing it. Sometimes I may conduct some psychological tests to gain further insight into the nature of the problem (these tests are usually questionnaires or special puzzles) but usually we simply have a detailed discussion. Until the cause of a problem is understood, treatment will be limited.


    • Once we have an understanding of the problem, we begin the change process. This involves identifying the patterns of dysfunctional thoughts or behaviour, understanding the consequences of the behaviour, and then seeking to change them (these techniques include “Cognitive – Behaviour Therapy” and problem solving techniques).


    • Experience has shown that current problems are often caused by emotional traumas or experiences from the past which have not been resolved. These may need to be resolved before the current behaviour will change. Three therapy techniques I commonly use to resolve past emotion include:
      1. Counselling and insight – Talking about things which are worrying you can bring a great sense of relief. This is enhanced as new perspectives are discovered and new approaches developed.

      2. EMDR – This is a special technique which is used to reprocess the emotions associated with traumatic incidents. Further explanations would be given prior to using this therapy technique.

      3. Hypnotherapy – Therapeutic hypnosis involves relaxation and imagery to change reactions or emotion associated with certain experiences. Many misconceptions are associated with hypnosis so before using it, we will discuss any concerns you may have.


    Are There Side Effects From Therapy?


    Therapy from an experienced and qualified therapist is generally a safe and interesting process. I try to make sure that therapy progresses at a pace you can handle. However, looking at problems, or talking about painful memories, can be unpleasant so some people may feel a bit worse before they start to improve. It is important that you talk about your feelings so we can minimise any distress which may arise. If you have major life events about to happen please advise me so we can manage the emotional processes to minimise interference with your life.


    What is a Clinical Psychology?


    As psychologist endorsed with the speciality of clinical psychology, I am a specialist counsellor who has completed 10 years of university training in the scientific study of human behaviour, mental processes, and emotional problems. I have also completed 2 years of supervised practise to be registered with the WA Psychological Registration Board. I have been working as a psychologist since 1990.


    A clinical psychologist should not be confused with a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has completed specialist training in mental illness. They can prescribe medications and usually work with the more severely disturbed and the mentally ill. As they are medical doctors, part of their fees are covered by Medicare. Sometimes I will recommend that we have the support of a psychiatrist in helping with major problems.


    Please contact my office to discuss potential treatment.